ghana bwClaudio Jolowicz is a Berlin-based composer, saxophonist, flautist, and keyboarder. Currently touring with global funk outfit The Polyversal Souls and early reggae specialists The Magic Touch, Claudio has performed and recorded with many artists from the worlds of Caribbean, West-African, Ethiopian, and Indonesian music. He regularly works with jazz, funk, soul, hip-hop oriented groups, and collaborates with independent, electronic, and experimental musicians. Claudio occasionally composes music for film and commercials.

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Sisa Me
Silver Tongue (2020)
credits: baritone saxophone, keyboards

Sisa Me
Little Tiger (2019)
credits: keyboards, baritone saxophone, flute

Leslie Clio
Take It Easy (2019)
credits: horns arrangement, saxophones, flute

Sisa Me
Slack Chin (2019)
credits: keyboards, saxophones

Já Não Há Mais Paz Feat. Catia Werneck (2019)
credits: flute

Gemma Ray
Psychogeology (2019)
credits: flute

Lee Dodou & The Polyversal Souls
Sahara Akwantuo (2018)
credits: horns arrangement, flute

Alemayehu Eshete
Alteleyeshegnem (2017)
credits: saxophone, flute

Lullaby (2017)
credits: string arrangement

Bitty McLean
Live at Jazz Cafe (2017)
credits: saxophone

Naima Husseini
Immer Alles (2016)
credits: string arrangement

Hailu Mergia
Yegle Nesh (2015)
credits: flute

Polyversal Souls feat. Guy One
Yelle Be Bobre (2015)
credits: flute

Dub with a Difference
Live at Fusion Festival (2013)
credits: strings & band arrangement, saxophone